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Welcome to FlatScreenForum.co.uk. The purpose of this site is to assist those looking to buy a flat screen monitor, LCD TV or plasma TV, and you'll find links to the best online shops from which to buy your flat screen monitor, LCD TV or plasma TV in the UK.

Have you joined the HD revolution yet? With Sky Plus HD and an HD Ready TV you'll marvel at the pristine lifelike quality of the pictures. Football or movies will be brought to you in super sharp pictures and vibrant colours. Sports fans will feel more like they're actually at the event. If you're a nature fan then National Geographic HD and Discovery HD will be an experience to behold. Once you have experienced high definition, standard TV will just look out of focus. Visit Sky and find out more about Sky Plus HD now.

What's the difference between HD Ready and Full HD?

HD Ready is 720p (shows 720 vertical lines of dots), Full HD is 1080p (shows 1080 vertical lines of dots). Full HD can display finer detail in a picture. You will only benefit from having a Full HD TV if you are watching Full HD content on it. If you are only going to be watching standard broadcasts then an HD Ready 720p TV may suffice.

Which manufacturers make the best TVs?

We'd say that Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba are very strong. The range of Panasonic Plasma TVs is very hard to beat.

Which TVs are better, plasma TVs or LCD TVs?

Plasma TVs beat LCD TVs for motion handling and realism. It is generally accepted that plasmas can offer the most life-like picture quality.

For watching movies and TV, plasma has the edge, but if you like gaming on your TV, then maybe consider an LCD.

What should you look for in a TV?

Multiple HDMI Inputs in useful.

Memory card slot.

Comet has some great deals for buying LCD monitors, LCD TVs and Plasma TVs online:

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If you are an avid money saver, then remember that voucher codes can often save you cash at major online shops.

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